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TokkunTrainer is a Japanese e-Learning application for IT engineers.

There are many Japanese language schools which teach Japanese conversation, but very few to teach written Japanese.
Spoken Japanese has less merits for IT engineers in overseas unless they stay in Japan.

But written Japanese is a key for offshore engineers to understand the Japanese specification and to comunicate with Japanese clients in Japanese.


Superiority of TokkunTrainer

  1. Practical e-Learning focused on IT engineers
    • Training vocabulary is selected from the words repeatedly used in more than one thousand pages of IT documents.
    • Technical terms, which are not so popular but important for IT engineers, are also added manually by the review of IT specialists.
    • The basic grammar of written Japanese is also given to understand the way of Japanese thinking.
    • Focused on written Japanese so as to read Japanese specification and to use Japanese in e-mail communication.

  2. Automatic scheduling of lessons based on students progress
    • Failed lessons are repeatedly suggested everyday until acceptance.
    • Review lessons are selected periodically.
    • Days in which study hours are less than one hour is marked red on calendar
    • Ranking and graphical presentation of student\'s achievement

  3. Additional feature
    • Customized vocabulary courseware chosen from the customers documents
    • Messaging service for students to ask questions to teachers

  4. Proved method in real projects
    • This software was applied to the offshore engineers of iCore,
    • They mastered Japanese in six months and worked in real projects with Japan


Client Feature

  • Various practice mode like multiple choice, Japanese key input, and grammatical making up, etc.
  • Learner’s answer input compared with the correct answer based on the dictionary and Display its result.
  • The content of the learner’s study is preserved as a history.
  • When using two or more PC, the study history can be preserve continuance in USB as the latest history.
  • The dictionary is offered as a content according to its industry.


Server Feature

  • History management feature for teachers to follow up each student\'s progress
  • Dictionary making and update function of management server
  • Dictionary file download and update function to each learner PC
  • Error check function of dictionary file
  • Communication function of the message between leader and learner


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