Q-Pro, which is named from Quality Project, is a project management system specialized for software development project.


For software projects, it is not enough to measure only project progress, although many of the popular project management systems focus on only project progress like Gunt Chart, because it is simple to use. 


Superiority of Qpro

  1. Real Metrics
    • Many of the projects use percentage as progress metrics, but this is not accurate enough, because it depends on reporter\'s impression.
    • Qpro uses number of completed items, lines of source codes and number of bugs as progress metrics, which are more accurate and show the real status of progress.
  2. Metrics in Upper Design Stage
    • It is much difficult to evaluate the progress of upper design stages, and often used percentage, and which often cause delay of following stages.
    • Qpro asks projects to list up tasks or study items in upper stages, and gather number of completed tasks or items as progress. This is more accurate measurement and helps us list up total amount of necessary tasks and avoid unseeable tasks in later stages.
  3. Time to gather information
    • It is not an easy way to gather project progress information, and often done only for reporting to upper management, and not for the engineers themselves.
    • Qpro gathers such information automatically from SVN repository and Excel file folders, so that it gives no additional work to engineers and get more accurate progress information.



  • Project types: any types of software projects
  • Automatic data gathering from SVN repository and Excel files
  • Chart: Gant chart, pie chart, cumulative bug graph
  • Export to MS-Project




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