AQTAS, named from "Automatic qualified Test Assistance System", is an integrated test support system for system test and regression test.

Nowadays, most of the software systems are asked to release upgraded commercial files continuously so as to provide new features. So, before releasing a new file, it is necessary to verify that the new updates have no degrade to existing systems, which is called "regression test" and needs unnegligible cost and time. AQTAS is developed to support this regression test by generating test cases and by showing analisys reports of logging data.


AQTAS-ATW (Automatic Test Work Bench)

  1. Feature
    • This is the way to use TTCN3, Test language standardized by ETSI, on TTWorkbench of TestingTechnologies in Germany.
    • This system generates necessary test cases and test scripts from protocol state transition diagram, executes and checks the correctness of the test result.
    • Although it is necessary to input the state transition diagram beforehand, this method can cover all of the test cases of the protocol automatically, and hence, we can assure the quality of the system.
  2. Process
    • Preparation: A state transition diagram and message format are to be coded by TTCN3.
    • Test run: AQTAS-ATW walks through the state transition diagram and find out necessary transition paths so as to cover all of the transition of the diagram, then create and run test scripts, and finally checks the correctness of the test cases.




AQTAS-LRT (Learning & Replay Test)

  1. Feature
    • This is a test to learn correct messages in the real test and replay those messages and judge whether the received messages are the samu with those of learning phase.
    • As this doesn't need any preparation work before doing test, this is very simple way to confirm regression test.
  2. Test Mode
    • Learning Phase: All of the messages sent and received at the test system are collected and stored in the database at the system test of the first version
    • Replay Phase: At the regression test of the following versions, sent messages are loaded from the database and send to the real network and collect received messages. If these received messages are the same with those in the database, the test is judged as correct.



AQTAS MPA (Memory and Packet Analyzer )

  1. Feature
    • AQTAS-MPA is a tool focused on system testing, where a lot of traffic are given in a network of multiple nodes.
    • Usually a problem in system testing, such as memory leakage, is very difficult to solve, because it is really difficult to get the snapshot log data from big amount of traffic data.
    • AQTAS-MPA collects all of the messages and memory data in realtime, and shows message sequence chart, details of memory data.
  2. Function
    • AQTAS-MPA collects all of the messages and memory data in realtime, and stops its logging by the software trigger such as detection of memory leakage.
    • Logging messages are shown in sequecnce chart with their detailed information, and memory data are also shown on the sequence chart when it is updated.
    • Various kinds of search functions are also provided so as to find a bug.




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