ICORE is a venture company, challenging the Information and Communication technology.

ICORE was founded in 2002 by those who have deep and long experiences in ICT market. Since then, we have devoted in technology-oriented ICT software development and consulting business of internet and mobile systems.


Our two major motto are “Be International” and “Challenge the CORE technology”.

Global companies often pursue their business by applying their own culture to all. But we think it important to be international, respecting the partners culture and trying to have a cooperative business with them.

We have promoted cooperation with the Indonesian university in offshore development by trying to apply our way of business for quality assurance with paying attention to their way of life. We are trying to have a good relation, good communication with partners, with customers, and within ourselves in order to get a good solution.


Our another motto is to “Challenge the CORE technology”.

We are proud of our own way of quality assurance, but still trying to get the new leading technologies in the world. We had a business agreement with the German company on testing communication systems, and developed our own testing middleware on the German platform.

In the web application development, we use many kinds of platforms such as Tomcat, Joomla, Android etc., we always try to understand the conceptual background of the platforms and develop our own middleware easy to develop applications.

We think it quite important to understand the core concept to make full use of the leading technologies, and challenge developing a new core technologies beyond the current technologies by ourselves.


We sincerely thanks to all of the customers for giving us their goodwill and kind support by which we could continue our business for more than ten years.
And, we will continue and expand our business on the motto, to be international and to challenge the CORE technology.


CEO Toshiaki Yamamoto

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