iCore has many expert engineers who have a long experience in the development of telecommunication and mobile networks.
We have engaged in various kinds of consulting works such as planning phase to implementation phase in the worldwide market.
Some of the examples are:


Implementation of the LTE next generation mobile network

LTE net generation mobile network is a mobile network based on internet technology. So, when introducing such a system, it's necessary to have a knowledge of bot internet and telecommunication technologies. As we know many of the protocols such as GSM MAP SS7 to SCTP and Diameter, we could play important technical role in implementing a LTE network. 


System engineering of constructing 3G networks

When constructing a 3G networks, there are many complecated engineering works in constructing base stations, and we contributed in project management in these works.


Business analisys of advanced mobile network

When started the 3G services, many new technologies were developed for the advanced mobile network, and we joined in consulting work to evaluate those various technologies.


PHS overseas business project planning

PHS was a new mobile system standardized in Japan, and were populated in Southease Asia, especially in China which had the subscribers of 100 million peoples.

We have executed the introduction proposals, and supported technological examinations for the business evaluation in China, Iran, and Ghana, etc.


Internet services proposal and system evaluation

We have executed the proposal activity and system test and the evaluation of new various services that use the internet.

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