We have developed many kinds of application systems, Web-DB application systems, mobile application, and embedded systems. 

Our experties are

Language:   C++, Java, PHP, Javascipt, Perl
Database: MySql, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite
OS: Linux, Windows, CTRON


Web-DB Application Systems

Web-GIS system Map information system where visitors can see and write comments and pictures at any place, shops and restaurants on the map
ERP for cable manufacturing company System that can manage all of the data from divisions such as sales, production and purchase
Production Planning system for bottling company System to make a production schedule of bottling tanks from the sales statistics of the last month, and to make a daily delivery plan to all of the shops.


Mobile Applications

TOEIC e-learning system Various kinds of listening and selection questions for TOEIC are provided on both smartphones and PCs, and subscription, statistics and management of courseware are supported at the server side.
e-shopping system for beauty shop beauty goods are shown on iPad by using HTML5 action effects, and e-shopping feature 
Social application service using GPS feature Social service game to show friends on a smartphone display by using GPS, 


Embeded Systems

LTE node system Joined in the development of call control software in a LTE node, next generation mobile system.
IP traffic simulator Burst IP traffic is a big problem in the mobile internet system. We developed a IP traffic simulator to generate various kind of traffic pattern and monitor the controlled traffic flow.
Management system for Transmission network System that manages warning and error information from transmission equipments

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