What is Offshore?

Software deveopment will increase more and more in future. On the other hand, it is forecasted that the number of software engineers in Japan will decrease by the influence of the burthrate. In addition, movement of consigning the software development to foreign countries will increase continuously from the impact of reducing the development cost.


Problem of offshore development

Actually, the software development consignment to foreign countries is not so easy. For instance, a lot of following problems have occured in the past developments..

  • Difference of national culture and custom between the two countries
  • Difference of development technique and business practice
  • Problem of specification transmission
  • Problem of quality and delivery date


Our approach

We have long experiences of high quality software in developing the telecommunication system for more than 20 years. Moreover, we know how to do the business with the foreign developers from the experiences of joint developments with the worldwide companies like Motorola and Lucent. 
Such experiences make us confident to start the offshore development business.

Our motto for the clients in Japan is "No need to worry about consigning to foreign countries". We are skillful enough at leading a software project to the success by digging the specification down and executing the fine project management.

We will propose you to start offshore development in Indonesia, more reliable and more successful. 


Advantage of offshore development in Indonesia

We are developing an offshore business that makes the skillful graduates professional in cooperation with the Institute of Technology, Surabaya, which is the eminent university in Indonesia.

Institute of Technology, Surabaya is a university to which JICA of Japan has done technical support on IT over many years, and many of teachers who understand Japanese are well informed of descending Japanese manners.
Moreover, Japan's national character has more similarity and familiarity with those of Pacific-Asian countries, especially with Indonesia which is an island country like Japan, and has an advantage of building mutual trust easily.


Our achievements on offshore development

We are working on offshore development together with Indonesia, where such advantages have been fulfilled.

  • Key for understanding Japanese specification
    Direct understanding of Japanese specification and e-mail communication is mandatory and key for alocating enough time to design, programming and testing.
    So we have developed TokkunTrainer, Japanese e-Learning system for IT engineers, and applied to our engineers. They studied written Japanese, not spoken Japanese for tourists, and achieved to read and write Japanese documents in six months.
  • "Mieruka" : Make it able to see the process
    We also developed project management system specialized for software development, and make our engineers learn how to measure the progress and how to evaluate the quality of the project.  We have our own methodology of project management, compatible with ISO9000, and applied to our daily projects.
  • Evaluation of test method
    Current software development environment such as Eclipse and XAMPP is very convienient for software development, and is often apt to make us forget the importance of software testing,  the importance to cover all of possible test cases. We taught our engineers the importance of test coverage and how to select test cases through various kinds of projects.


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